Weekly Newsletter 8-23-2017

This eclipse is really a bore, so I thought it was time for the excitement below:


Here’s a reminder that MASP #2 is Sunday. Since we already have all the banners on, we can probably start a bit later this time. We’ll finalize plans at the meeting this week and then send out a message about the start time later this week. One thing to figure out is a better set up of the vendor area so that the non-food vendors are not ignored. Tim advises that Keller Williams (Robert Aldana) has come through as a new sponsor, so they will need a tent. Bay Fed is out for the next two shows. Mike 2, will Lealand be coming? Anyone else?

For those of you who secured sponsors, it would be nice to give them a personal reminder/invite about the show.

Will Circle K be joining us?


At last week’s meeting we had a meandering but productive discussion. We talked about:


A Joe Miller tribute. Although this idea came up years ago, we got busy with many other things. Let’s get this back on track. A street named for Joe is one idea. A park bench dedicated to him is another. Darshana looked into this after the meeting. The cost would be about $1500 for the bench. A lot of that is the shipping charge. I’m not sure how Joe would feel about that kind of money being spent on shipping. Let’s keep the discussion moving forward.


Christmas Tree Lighting. The Chamber will not be hosting the annual event they held related to the tree lighting. We don’t want to take it on, but Darshana is thinking that maybe we can do something easy and low key like cookies and hot chocolate at the tree lighting. I vote for cookies and rum or brandy. Let’s discuss.