Weekly Newsletter 9-27-2017

For this week’s meeting, we will check out Green Hills Café as our potential new home base for morning meetings. The address is 1700 Green Hills Road, located in the northeast corner of the Central California Alliance for Health building, on the parking lot side.  Green Hills Rd. is over on the “other” side of highway 17. Mike 2 is making the arrangements with them and he asks for an attendance estimate. If you will be attending, please let him know today. It would be nice to have a good turn out so that we can get some feedback about the location. On that subject, Lisa will be filling in for Jim this week. Let’s hope she feels better. She was missed on Sunday!


Last week we didn’t have a regular meeting, but instead toured the city wastewater treatment plant. The tour was given by plant manager Troy Adams. It was actually quite fascinating. If those of you who missed it would like to take the tour, no doubt Troy would be happy to accommodate you. The man can certainly talk s***!


It would be easy to run out of superlatives in recapping MASP 3.  The only downside is that we ran out of almost everything. At least we are stuck with no leftover inventory. It had to be our best attended show ever. We couldn’t have ordered up better weather. People love those two bands! Tim commented earlier today about planning regarding the food and drink, but there was no way to plan for that kind of crowd since we’ve never had one that big before. In fact, in past years we’ve always been stuck with leftover drinks. We actually went out mid-concert and restocked on beer/Los Gallos/Bruno’s and still ran out. Yesterday was another great team effort.


I believe we have already made a contribution to Circle K, but with all they have done for us this year, I think we should make an additional contribution and give them some sort of special acknowledgement at the MASP thank you dinner.


This week’s meeting should include a MASP debriefing while it is fresh in our minds. Assuming there will be a MASP 2018, here are some ideas that were discussed on-site yesterday:


Better segregation of trash vs recycling in our beer/wine area


Immediately resign The Joint Chiefs and Extra Large for the final show next year


Create a VIP tent where we charge admission. Benefits for VIP's might include delivery of our food and drink, tables and chairs, meet and greet with the bands, reserved parking, etc.


Get a carpet remnant to put down on the stage like the sound guy did yesterday.


Make sure the sound guy does not stack up his equipment where it interferes with stage take down.


What else?